Why Partner with Infinity?

Increase Your Income

Being a participant in an Infinity Renewables project offers landowners an opportunity to cultivate stable, long-term revenue generated by wind turbines or solar panels, depending on the type of project being pursued. The best part is this increased income does not require any additional work on your part.

Increase Financial Return on Your Property

Infinity Renewables offers landowners highly competitive payment structures through long-term leases or easements. The ultimate goal is to build a project and to make it financially worthwhile to partner with us over the life of the project. Infinity Renewables also purchases property if a landowner prefers a sale rather than lease or easement.

Minimal Disruption to Land Use

Infinity Renewables projects are designed and constructed in a manner that allow for minimal impact on your current use of your property. Solar projects allow you to maintain current land use outside of the solar project footprint. Wind projects allow for the continued land use such as farming, ranching, logging and/or mining around the footprint of the wind turbines and access roads.

Relationship with Infinity

As landowner advocates, Infinity Renewables views our relationships with landowners as partnerships. Landowner advocacy means we develop our projects with landowners, treating you as a valuable part of the process. We take the time to educate each landowner on the project, the industry, and the market, always being mindful of how you use your land and adapting to those needs. Since project plans can change many times throughout the development process, our philosophy of accessibility you in the loop and respond quickly to any questions.

Community Benefits

Local communities receive tax revenue from wind or solar projects. In some cases resulting in millions of dollars injected into the local economy. In addition, these projects create hundreds of jobs over the development, construction and operation phases of the projects.

Help the Transition to Clean Energy

Wind and solar projects help meet the growing energy demand while avoiding the environmental impacts of conventional energy sources. They do not produce air or water emissions and they do not deplete resources such as coal, oil or gas.